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Conversations in the hood.

It’s always nice to hear people approaching as they do their neighbourhood walks, so much more so over the last 18 months. Some of the family conversations between little ones is always a treat to catch a slither of the topic as they dissect, debate or ponder whatever it is that is in the grill in that moment. IParticularly enjoy the conversation that my chickens evoke when they are out in the street spreading mulch all over the place with absolute abandon. People see them and I often hear them say “ ohhh hello there does Costa know you are out free ranging?”. And I’m crounced down somewhere and call out “yeah” they have pass outs for this afternoon. So this morning I was preparing an area for planting and I heard a a parent calling out to their young charge of about 5 or 6yrs old or so “is that a record, that’s the best highest you’ve come.“ It was in defence to getting up the hill particularly as it gets steeper over the last 25m or so. I remember it clearly myself trying to ride up the hill without having to get off and push the last 20 or so meters. And when I finally could do it that feeling was something that was sparked when I heard this comment and saw the young champion making it to the final 10 m stretch. Outside of the daily records being announced here in Sydney at the moment which are far from positive do you remember any little local records that have stuck from your earliest of neighbourhood exploration and growth. Australian Association for Environmental Education Inc.Nature Educators Network AustraliaNSW Early Childhood Environmental Education NetworkEEEC- Environmental Education in Early Childhood