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Saturday Morning Revelation.


Doing something different is always exciting in my book because it’s a chance to see what will happen. This story ain’t no grand earth mover but it’s one I kinda enjoyed on a few levels. So I woke up this morning and was doing my usual I wonder what time it is where I pick the exact minute and then when I get up I see how close I am to the combo : 6:08 or 7:01. Not sure if anyone else plays that little game but anyway I enjoy it. So I was laying there and I thought about the glut of mandarins I have been in because of two different home grown gifts amounted to lotsa mandas that I have shared into neighbors as well. The issue is that sometimes when they are picked they can removed the little union exposing the mandarin to the air reducing their storage time. So I have had a few go off because the top of them was facing down and I didn’t notice the rot set in until I lifted another and bamm the mould dust sets sail. Anyway I thought as I lay there why not juice those remaining ones that are starting to turn. So I inspected the remaining mandarins and there were 4 or 5 that had started to suffer. So I sliced off the tops, peeled them and put them in the juicer. And this is the fluorescent result. The good thing is there are a couple of varieties one of which is a little more bitter so this juice had that great ting yang , ooh I’m swimming in a lake and the water at my feet is freezing but my arms and body are warmer. That tang but then the sweet. I’m sure Gourmantic you would love this flavoursome juice to mix with your drink and cocktail creations. So yeah it’s kinda funny when I have had a juicer for years but generally juice beetroot and apple and celery and ginger and carrot 🥕 regularly even some orange but I have never juiced mandarin because they are something that I love to eat. I’m not about to juice them regularly for that very reason and I did put them through a few times until there was just a little bit of pulp left but just like the idea that that was the first time I had ever juiced a mandarin. Riveting stuff I know but I can tell you I enjoyed the thought and the taste.So in light of all that banter what do you juice. Do you juice. Any revelations as riveting as this one to share